Corporate Sponsors are Christ Our Savior’s Blueprint for Success

Corporations commitment to excellence helped position America as a world leader, on the “cutting edge,” in science, technology, manufacturing and medicine to name a few. This commitment to excellence epitomizes the American corporate “vision” and our insatiable desire to be the best and the brightest, never doing anything halfway. That said, we need corporations to help Christ Our Savior develop its students into the best and the brightest for the 21st century.

Your corporation can help in any of the following ways just to name a few:

  • Technology: Computers, Laptops, Software, Training for staff, parents and students
  • Science: State-of-the-art science lab
  • Mathematics: Curriculum development from the financial, accounting and college industries
  • Mentors: Business leaders willing to mentor students in myriad industries to help them see a world of abundant possibilities for their future
  • Project Based Learning: Developing projects between Christ Our Savior and corporations to help provide our students with hands-on experience putting the theory they learn in class into practice with industry leaders

Christ Our Savior is open to any support from corporations or individuals who will help pave the way for the next generation of leaders in the 21st century.

Please contact Principal, Karen Brodzik to help Christ Our Savior build on their “Blueprint for Success.”

Let us Be active. Be present. Be “The Village” for our children.
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