2019-2020 Uniform Dress Code Policy

Christ Our Savior Catholic School expects its students to take pride in their appearance.  Students should be well groomed and neatly dressed in clean uniforms, properly worn each day.  There should be no holes, tears, rips, marking or writing on clothing.  Students are required to comply with the uniform dress code from the time they enter the building until they depart at the end of the school day.  Failure to comply with the dress code will result in the issuance of an immediate detention, notification to a parent or legal guardian to bring in a proper uniform or other consequences when warranted.  Should a question arise with regard to dress or appearance, which is not specifically stated in the handbook, the decision of the principal or assistant principal will be final.



No uniform is required/no belts with pants


Kindergarten-Grade 8

All students –   Khaki colored walking shorts or dress slacks(no cargo pants, no jeans) with navy blue School Logo polo shirt* (Purchase from Besse Shirt Lettering)


***** Please note*****

No department store jumpers, skirts, or skort type bottoms are allowed. 


All Grades-All Students

Khaki colored walking shorts

  • Should be knee length
  • Properly fitting
  • Worn in the months of August, September, October, May and June

Khaki colored dress slacks

  • May be worn all year long
  • Properly fitting
  • Should be “Docker” type slacks
  • No flare-leg, boot-cut, hip-hugger, bell bottom, cargo or jean-like styles
  • No capri length or leggings


*Polo Shirt (Purchase from Besse Shirt Lettering)

  • School logo polo shirt navy blue long or short sleeve
  • Plain, short-sleeved white t-shirt may be worn under the polo. No colored t-shirts are to be worn.


Sweater and Sweatshirt

  • Navy blue button-down sweater (collarless, hoodless) OR
  • School logo navy blue sweatshirt worn over uniform polo
  • SpiritWear sweatshirt over regular school polo



Uniform Shoes and Socks

  • Neat and clean closed- toed shoes
    • No ballet type
    • No sandals
    • No backless
    • No flip-flops
  • Gym shoes can be worn every day of the week  OR solid colored dress shoes may be worn
  • No changing of shoes during the day
  • Sock SOLID colors: white, black, navy, brown or khaki: no patterns
  • Top of sock must be above the ankle
  • No leggings, tights ONLY in Navy
  • Boots can be worn to school, but not in school. Must bring shoes to change into for the school day.


Gym Uniform/Accessories-Grade K-8 Boys and Girls

  • School logo navy blue gym shorts or sweat pants
  • School logo navy blue gym t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Gym shoes- any color: solid white socks, ANKLE length
  • Gym uniform worn all day
  • Hair worn out of facial area
  • Water bottle with attached lid only
  • Jewelry: None-for safety reasons



  • No makeup
  • No bandannas
  • No large ornamental hair pieces

Girls – No more than 2 items of jewelry (For example, earrings plus one small item)

Boys – No earrings and one small item only



  • No hair color
  • No designs in hair
  • No mohawk hair styles


COS Spirit Wear is worn on Friday only.  Spirit Wear includes tee shirt, hoodie, crew sweatshirt or sweat pants.  Gym shoes can be worn with the Spirit Wear.  If you are wearing the tee shirt and/or hoodie then you can wear your uniform pants. COS Spirit Wear sweatshirts can be worn to school on other days over the school polo. Spirit Wear must be ordered through school office.

Uniforms may be purchased at Besse Shirt Lettering located at 18058 Torrence Avenue in Lansing. The number is (708) 474-3599. Hours of operation are Mon., Tues. Thurs. Fri. 10a.m. – 6p.m. and on Weds. 10a.m. -7 p.m.

Uniforms may be purchased through email at besseshirtlettering@comcast.net or online at http://www.besseshirtlettering.com/

A current uniform price list may be picked up in the main office.