Preschool Curriculum 

The Christ Our Savior preschool is a place where every child feels safe, comfortable and accepted.  The three year old students are exposed to the curriculum concepts with an emphasis on personal and social skills. The four year old students will gain knowledge of these curriculum skills with an emphasis on preparation for Kindergarten.

It is a place where children can have fun and learn.  I conduct my class in an orderly manner that is conducive to learning.  The students learn how to go to school.  They are taught to be obedient and respectful of others.  I believe that everything a child does helps foster growth in the areas of intellectual, social, physical and emotional development.    

Religion – Biblical stories are introduced that stress that Jesus wants us to be a sharing, loving, caring and forgiving community of Christians. The religious backgrounds of holidays are also introduced throughout the year.
Language Arts –  The development of speaking and listening through role play, creative dramatics, puppets, songs, stories and finger plays is emphasized.
Reading Readiness –  The recognition of likenesses and differences and letter and sound identification is incorporated into understanding the connection between verbal and written language through whole language techniques and the “Letter People Program”.
Math Readiness – Skills emphasized include counting, number recognition, assigning values to numbers, sorting, patterning, identifying shapes, graphing and using manipulatives.
Motor Coordination – Small Motor Skills are developed by using crayons, pencils, scissors and toys such as beads, pegboards, etc. Large Motor Skills are developed to stimulate the ability to control body parts and movements and develop balance and coordination by using equipment, music and group games.
Science – Awareness of the world and the changes nature brings by studying growth, seasons, weather, senses, plants and animals are explored.

Social Studies – Students develop an understanding of the world of people, family and community, the how and why of holidays and the importance holidays play in our lives.
Music –  Music makes us feel different. Songs are learned by memory and an interest and enthusiasm are developed for music through songs, records, musical games and rhythm instruments.
Art – An interest is created by using crayons, paint, chalk, clay, markers, etc. Skills in the areas of self-expression, creativity and imagination are nurtured.
Personal and Social Skills – Activities are stressed that foster self-esteem, individuality, peer group awareness and self-care habits. Opportunities are provided to develop the necessary skills to work and play cooperatively.
School Readiness – The necessary skills for functioning in a classroom setting such as waiting for a turn, walking in line, following directions, listening at appropriate times, completing tastes, etc. are acquired.



Preschool activities are planned with a specific learning outcome. Everything a preschooler does helps foster growth in some area whether it is intellectual, social, physical or emotional.