Our Kids Deserve Quality Education

Illinois Kids

Illinois Kids Campaign

Illinois kids only get one chance at an education and we must do everything we can to ensure that they get access to the quality schools they need and deserve.

The Campaign is urging lawmakers to invest in kids and take meaningful steps toward providing all children with the best education possible by providing funds to the following programs:

  1. A tax credit to reimburse teachers for their out-of-pocket classroom expenses.
  2. In tough budgetary times, music, arts, and sports programs are the first to be cut. Provide funding to ensure these critical programs continue.
  3. Increase donations across the state to nonprofit scholarship organizations to provide scholarships to students to attend K through 12th grade, public and private schools.
  4. Funding to help schools ensure that students are safe and can learn in well-maintained buildings.


Our children deserve access to the best education possible and we must be their voice in Springfield.

You can add your voice by contacting your legislator. Please visit  www.illinoiskidscampaign.org to contact your elected officials.