Shed Some Light for December 17-18, 2016

During Advent we celebrate the coming of Christ, our Light, who brings hope to the world. We anxiously await the coming of Christ Our Savior at Christmas time. Our clever 7th grade students wrote some analogies comparing Christ to various forms of light sources.


Christ is like a campfire light because everyone gathers around to worship his love.


Christ is like a flashlight because he shows us the path to follow and leads the way.


Christ is like Christmas tree lights because he shows us the light of Jesus’ birth.


Christ is like a sunrise because he begins our day with happiness and joy.


Christ is like a searchlight because he helps me find the way and directs the way for sinners.


Christ is like a bonfire because he keeps us out of the darkness while bringing us together as one big family.


Christ is like a porch light because he shows that there is always a home for everyone.


Christ is like a nightlight because he allows us to sleep in peace.


Christ is like a neon light because he glows and shines brighter than all others.


Christ is like a fluorescent light because he stands out in the darkness.


Christ is like a candle because he lights up the world and is our light in the dark.


Christ is like a desk lamp because he helps you with your work.


Christ is like a lantern because he shows people the right way.


Christ is like starlight because when we look up he will always be there.


Christ is like moonlight because even in the darkest time, he is there for us.


Christ is like a birthday candle always celebrating life.


In Christ’s Love,


Karen Brodzik