Shed Some Light for December 10, 2016

The theme of our Advent season is “You are the Light of the World.”  Our eighth grade students “shed some light” on what they will do during Advent as they await the coming of Jesus at Christmas time.  The students answered the following question:  “What will you do to shine your light?”


**I will share and honor God’s word.

**I will show love to people despite the fact that they are being rude.

**I will help my sister with my little niece.

**I will make a difference by helping those in need and care for family members who need it most.

**I will spread kindness to everyone.

**I will talk to someone who needs cheering up.

**I will be a role model for others to look up to.

**I will help my friends, teachers and family.

**I will try to make people smile or laugh when they are sad.

**I will shine through dark times and stay positive through my life.

**I will be kind, helpful and caring.

**I will teach others how strong God’s love is for us.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.”  How are you being the “Light” during this season of Advent?


In Christ’s Love,

Karen Brodzik, Principal