Shed Some Light for January 17, 2015

Are you considering “getting involved” in the New Year?  Why not join an organization that helps to make a difference in the lives of young children?  If you value Catholic education, think about becoming a member of the Board of Specified Jurisdiction at Christ Our Savior Catholic School.  Since COS is our six parish school, your input is important and valued.  We would relish the opportunity to welcome more parishioners of the six founding parishes for membership to our Board.


Christ Our Savior Catholic School is under the jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical authority of the Archdiocese of Chicago and is governed by a Board of Specified Jurisdiction and is subject to Archdiocesan policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations and best practices.  The reserved powers of the Archdiocese include the approval of the philosophy and mission statements for the school, establishment of the board of specified jurisdiction, appointment of board members, approval of by-laws for the board, approval for all capital improvements, additions and structural changes, approval for all borrowings, approval and ratification of annual operating budgets, approval of legal counsel and approval to initiate or defend litigation, approval of auditing counsel, oversight to ensure no alienation of Church property and appointment of the Principal, who is the chief executive officer of the school.


The board is responsible for strategic planning and in the planning and administration of academic affairs, student affairs, faith community affairs, business affairs and development affairs and is also the evaluation of the effectiveness of local school policies and plans, the evaluation of the effectiveness of board operations and the evaluation of mission effectiveness.  The board has oversight of financial operations and oversight of and participation in marketing, institutional advancement and development programs to attract human and financial resources.


Our current Board of Specified Jurisdiction members are: Fr. Ignatius Anaele, Executive Pastor; Karen Brodzik, Principal; Mike Nylen, Chair; Mary Ellen Quinn, Secretary; Diana Howard, Louis Krawczyk, Felicia Horton and Cynthia Thomas.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Specified Jurisdiction at Christ Our Savior Catholic School, please contact your parish pastor. You may also call or email me directly at 708-333-8173 ext. 24 or I can answer any of your further questions. Meetings are only once a month!!


In Christ’s Love,


Karen Brodzik