About the Advent Wreath

The color green symbolizes life; the evergreen on the wreath reminds us that God’s love for us never changes. The wreath is a circle because a circle has no beginning and no end. This circle means our life with God just keeps going; He keeps on loving us and we should always love Him. The four candles represent the four weeks of Advent. Three of the candles are purple which represent sorrow. During Advent, we are sorry for not loving Jesus enough and we will try harder to do better. The pink candle, which is lit in the third week means joy or happiness and reminds us that Jesus will be coming soon. When we light the candles, we remember that Jesus is the light of the world and His teachings are our guiding light.


FIRST WEEK OF ADVENT: “Expectation—waiting for something to happen.” Light one candle. This first week of Advent, we begin to prepare our hearts and souls for Jesus by working on different things each day.


SECOND WEEK OF ADVENT: “Hope” Light two candles. The second week of Advent has to do with “HOPE.” We are still waiting for and preparing for Jesus’ coming and hoping to make Jesus a part of our lives, not just at Christmas, but all year long. We can prepare ourselves for Jesus through prayer and turning ourselves to love, hope, faith, justice (treating people right) and kindness. Prayer opens our hearts to let God, love, and faith in, and lets out our hate and fear. Prayer is like a window through which the light of God shines through. Let us continue this week in hope and prayer to keep this window open.


THIRD WEEK OF ADVENT: “Joy” Light three candles (two purple and one pink). This third week of Advent we light the pink candle, which means joy. From Jesus Christ we have received so much love, beauty and joy for the simple things in life. Let us be happy this week with simple things that don’t cost money—like reading a book instead of watching television, talking to one another instead of playing video games, listening to the children laugh instead of talking on the telephone, eating food at home instead of eating out. Remember that the purple candle stands for sorrow. We are sorry for the things that we have done wrong. But, now we are joyful, because the time for the arrival of Jesus is almost here!


FOURTH WEEK OF ADVENT: “Acceptance” Light four candles. The fourth week of Advent has to do with acceptance, which means saying “yes” to someone who asks us to do something. When God asked Mary to be the mother of God, she said “yes.” She didn’t say, “Just a minute” or “Let me think about it” or “I will tell you tomorrow if I want to do this.” No, she just said “yes.” This week is our chance to say “yes” to God through our families and friends, even though a “no” would be much easier to say at times. When we want to say “no,” we should try to remember that God might like us to say “yes.” And every time we do say “yes” we will be closer to God because acceptance is pleasing to him.